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All of my shirts are printed digitally by Spreadshirt, and I've been really happy with the quality. I especially like how my watercolour drawings are rendered. Here's a close-up of my son's t-shirt (which had been washed and dried several times before taking this

or years, I've come across numerous variations of the Hitler European Tour shirts and they've all been extremely poor quality. That all changes now with our newly designed and professionally silk-screened Adolf Hitler European Tour 1939-1945 shirts! With an incredible design that rivals what modern music band tour shirts look like, you're guaranteed to love the quality and the look of this Gildan brand preshrunk t-shirt!
Word up, slogan tees are in. Say it loud and proud with a slogan t-shirt from our cool collection, here for the taking and so hot right now. This season, we've seen street flavour and sportswear styling all over which is why we're loving wearing our logo t-shirts for a laidback look. This is a trend that you can rock all year round, teamed with skinny jeans and trainers for easy day time styling or with a leather mini and or denim cut offs and high heels for a girly take on the statement tee. Here's a word to the wise though, leave head-to-toe lettering alone, keep styling simple and let the t-shirt do the talking.
know that this isn't new – there are entire blogs dedicated to this stuff, but usually it occurs in Asian countries that use a non-Roman alphabet, so the discrepancy sort of makes sense, and it's very much a two-way street: I knew plenty of girls in college who didn't speak a lick of Japanese but that didn't stop them from getting tattoos of what they claimed were the kanji symbols for "harmony" and "happiness."

I have no idea how they verified that. But the thing is, practically everyone in Europe speaks English. And they speak it very, very well.